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At CLO Symposium, 3GS Explores How to Train Today’s Mobile Workforce

Join us at the CLO Spring 2012 Symposium as Nicki Bouton, veteran virtual training facilitator, discusses key challenges and strategies for delivering transformational training to today’s increasingly mobile workforce. Over the course of her presentation, Nicki will illustrate how these changes have positioned live, instructor-led virtual training as an absolutely critical component of the organizational training strategy.

3GS CLO Spring 2012 Symposium Session Details
Creating A Strategic Continuous Learning Environment: The Case for Live Virtual
Nicki Bouton, Lead Facilitator, 3GS
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 | 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Room: Poinciana Salon 2
Miami Beach Hotel
Miami, FL

Find more information on our website.

3GS’s session, Creating A Strategic Continuous Learning Environment: The Case for Live Virtual, will delve into virtual training best practices, strategies and specific approaches that focus on increasing the motivation to learn and on more effective engagement of the audience. Through real-life case studies, Nicki will provide specific examples of how these approaches have been applied in practice and demonstrate how they can be leveraged in the session participant’s own environment, as appropriate. In addition, participants will be introduced to a model that will help identify which training modalities are best suited to common training requirements in support of an effective continuous learning environment.

Emphasizing practical application of virtual training best practices, this session will equip training decision makers with:

  • The model for live virtual training vs. physical classroom training
  • The critical difference between live and asynchronous virtual training, and how the chosen modality impacts effectiveness
  • The optimal architecture of a total, continuous learning environment
  • The top five traps that inhibit virtual training impact—and how to overcome them

Workshop Giveaway
Anyone who attends the 3GS CLO Symposium session will be eligible to win a FREE one-day, onsite consulting workshop from 3g Selling: “3 Steps to Effective Continuous Learning: Creating the Enabling Architecture.” The workshop is valued at over $6,500 and includes facilitator travel and accommodation. For anyone not attending the Symposium, information about purchasing this workshop can be found on our website.

Live Virtual Learning on Steroids: A Forrester Case Study on 3GS
We’re excited to announce that Forrester Research has just released a 14-page case study on our approach to live virtual training. A must-read for anyone interested in how to significantly increase the impact and effectiveness of live virtual learning. You can purchase a copy of the case study on Forrester’s website.

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