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ES Research Group Launches Virtual Sales Training Survey

ES Research Group Virtual Sales Training SurveyES Research Group (ESR)—the respected sales training industry analyst—recently launched a survey on virtual sales training that promises to provide unprecedented insight into industry trends that will help sales and learning leaders hone their organizational sales training strategies.

Take the survey.

3g Selling collaborated with ESR on the development of the survey and we’re supporting them in getting the word out to our own community of customers and sales training leaders.

As Dave Stein of ESR notes on his blog, the survey is fairly comprehensive so there are a number of incentives being offered for people who complete the survey. 3g Selling’s contribution is a FREE 1-hour virtual sales training consultation. ESR is also offering a generous array of resources to survey participants, including an ebook containing the survey results.

From Dave Stein’s blog post:

Sales training continues to transition from the traditional classroom modality to virtual.  This trend started back in the 1960s and 1970s, driven by Nightingale-Conant, originally publishers of sales training audiotapes. Now, the breadth of media available as learning platforms extends to nearly every electronic device at our fingertips.

Some sales trainers and sales training companies have been providing virtual learning programs and supporting reinforcement for years.

It’s ESR’s job to stay on top of trends like these for both our sales training buyer and our sales training provider audiences.  So we recruited two sales training providers with leading virtual training solutions to assist us in getting the word out about this survey.  3g Selling is a leader in live, instructor-led virtual sales training. That’s one virtual modality. We’ll also be soliciting responses from many other sources to assure that we have a broad sampling of data across many industries, regions, size companies, and learning delivery preferences.

The targeted audience for completing this survey is:

  • Corporate Learning & Development and/or Training Staff and Management
  • Salesreps
  • Sales Management and Executives
  • Sales Operations and Sales Enablement Staff or Management
  • HR, Marketing, or anyone else that has a good understanding of how sales training is delivered in their company.
  • (Note: This survey is not intended for third-party sales trainers to take.  The results, however, should be of significant interest.)

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3g Selling Featured on the Training Magazine Blog: 7 Signs Your Live Virtual Training Didn’t Take

Live Virtual Training Best PracticesThis week, 3g Selling principal and founder Martyn Lewis guest authored a short article on the Training magazine blog: “7 Signs Your Live Virtual Training Didn’t Take—and Solutions to Try.”

In the article, Martyn offers some tongue-in-cheek signs your live virtual training isn’t as effective as it should be, followed by more serious strategies learning and development leaders should be employing to maximize the ROI of virtual training.

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The Path to Virtual Training ROI: A 6.22.11 Webinar with 3g Selling and Citrix Online

3g Selling and Citrix Online: Maximizing the ROI of Virtual TrainingTraining and development leaders are presented with a dizzying array of virtual training modalities and approaches to choose from, but not every path leads to a measurable and sustainable increase in business results.

Finally. A webinar that delves into what it really takes to maximize the ROI of virtual training.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
11:00 a.m.-Noon (PST)
Click to register for the webinar.

Having delivered over 600 live, instructor-led virtual training sessions for our customers, 3g Selling has a wealth of experience and capability in virtual training design, development and delivery.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Martyn Lewis—principal and founder of 3g Selling and a respected thought leader on live virtual training— as he delves into the hot topic of what it takes to maximize the ROI of virtual training.

Pushing beyond the usual discussion of travel-related cost savings and convenience, Martyn discusses the deeper issues that can make or break the success of any training program—whether physical or virtual—in today’s technology-enabled world.

Emphasizing practical application of virtual training best practices, the webinar will equip training decision-makers with:

  • The ROI model for live virtual training vs. physical classroom training
  • The critical difference between live and asynchronous virtual training, and how the chosen modality impacts ROI
  • The optimal architecture of a total, continuous learning environment
  • The factors that training executives need to measure when evaluating ROI
  • The top 5 traps that inhibit virtual training ROI—and how to overcome them

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